44 x 48

44 x 48

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4448upal 44 x 48The Uni-Pallet offers outstanding economy along with its strength and durability. The space saving stacking feature and its lightweight combine to reduce a shipper’s cost per trip. This produces the ultimate benefit, a quick return on investment.


Uni-Pallet® Features

  • New shock absorbing perimeter design virtually eliminates side splitting due to the rigors of side impact and fork truck handling
  • New 45 degree corner design
  • Nestable with other plastic pallets (twin sheet and injection molded pallets) so you can upgrade your fleet to the Uni-Pallet
  • Four-way fork entry for ease in handling with Fork Trucks and Pallet Jacks
  • Lightweight
  • Nestable which results in reductions in warehousing costs and freight costs
  • Drain holes in legs to ease in cleaning and deter any collection of liquid
  • Easy to clean flat deck surface
  • Impervious to weather – including extreme heat or cold and UV Ray protection
  • 100 percent recyclable
  • Twin Sheet construction eliminates the need for repair and reduces product damage
  • Conveyable
  • Extremely durable

Uni-Pallet® Options

  • Steel inserts in either or both directions
  • Anti-skid surfaces availabl
  • Custom Color(s
  • Identification Stripes
  • Identify your fleet with custom name plates and company logo
  • Available in various weights depending upon load requirement

Warehousing & Shipping Information

  • Pallets nest on 2.5” centers
  • Truckload Quantity: 1120 Pallets (53’ x 98’ x 110’) 28 Stacks of 40 Pallets
  • Truckload Quantity: 1040 Pallets (48’ x 98’ x 110’) 26 Stacks of 40 Pallet

g2 uni pallet 40 x 48 44 x 48

Pallet Dimensions
A Overall Length 48”F Center Leg/Length 7.25”
B Overall Width 44”G Overall Fork Opening/Length 29.5”
C Overall Height 6.5”H Fork Opening/Width 13.250”
D Fork Opening/Height 4”I Center Leg/Width 5”
E Fork Opening/Length 11.125”J Overall Fork Opening/Width 31.5”
Warehousing & Shipping Information
Pallets nest on 2.5″ centers
Truckload Quantity: 1120 Pallets (53′ x 98′ x 110′) 28 stacks of 40 pallets
Truckload Quantity: 1040 Pallets (48′ x 98′ x 110′) 26 stacks of 40 pallets